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5 Tips to Make Your Tradeshow Booth Stand Out

Increase booth traffic, enhance the experience, and generate leads with these tips.

1. Engage the senses.

The more of the five senses you can stimulate, the greater impression you will have on visitors. Give away delicious candies or salty snacks. Have a popcorn or cotton candy machine – the scent alone will have people heading in the direction of your booth. Make your booth visually appealing with tradeshow displays, banner stands, and high definition computer screens. Play music.

2.  Offer up a competition.

Give away a prize and allow people to compete for it by entering a raffle, putting a ball on a mini putting green, or completing a scavenger hunt. People like to have fun and an activity like this will engage them and encourage them to stick around your booth longer, allowing you to make a connection with them and obtain their contact information.

3.  Give away swag!

Think outside the box. The most well received giveaways at tradeshows are often the most unique. Everyone gives out tote bags and branded pens. Why not give away Frisbees, yo-yos, or a useful smartphone accessory? Also, attendees often spend the morning of the tradeshow in seminars and could really use a snack to hold them over until lunch. This is a great opportunity to giveaway branded food products like candy bars or peanuts.

4. Create a theme.

Creating a theme is a great way to add personality and pizzazz to your booth. Themes like Mardi Gras and Hawaiian Luau can give your booth a party atmosphere that attendees want to be a part of. It will allow you to add color, festive giveaways, and activities to the mix. With a theme you can make even the most mundane industries and products seem exciting!

5.  Be friendly!

Fill the booth with your happiest, most outgoing employees. Don’t stand in the back with your arms crossed. Don’t sit down and eat in the booth. Smile! Be cheerful, be helpful, educate, tell a joke!

FORMost has everything you need to prepare for your next tradeshow. From tradeshow booths, to banner stands, to promotional products and apparel – call us and we’ll share some great ideas for your booth!



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