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7 Common Presentation Folder Design Mistakes

1. Using a Stock (Plain) Folder

When you need something to hold all of your marketing materials, a presentation folder is your best bet. But, it’s not just a vessel that holds brochures, sell sheets, and your business card…it should be considered a blank canvas! Don’t make the mistake of using a plain folder when you could be presenting your customer with another advertisement of your brand, product, or service. At the very least, the folder should have your logo, company name, and contact information. At best, the folder could display product details, images, persuasive copy, and more.

2. Poor Layout

The placement of the design elements plays an important role of the impact your presentation folder has. Don’t place important copy on the left third of your folder’s cover as most people hold it there and it will get covered up by their hands. Use minimum text on the front cover. Put the contact information on the back cover, towards the bottom. Don’t forget to utilize all of the panels of the folder, including the pockets!

3. Design is Too Busy

Don’t make the folder too complicated and detract from the message contained inside. Don’t go overboard with the use of color or images. Try to choose a focal point and design around that key element to keep it simple.

4. Design is Dull

On the other hand, don’t make the folder so reserved that no one will be interested in what’s inside. The design can be simple, but still have impact. Use colors that stick with your brand and attract attention without taking away from what you’re trying to say.

5. Too Much Text

Most clients are not going to spend time reading paragraphs of copy on your folder, so keep it simple. Limit text to short and concise information. The less specific information you put on the folder, the better because then you will be able to switch up the contents of the folder without being tied to the exterior.

6. Using the Wrong Paper Stock

Folders should not be flimsy. If the stock you choose is too light, the folder won’t be sturdy enough for the materials contained inside. A 12 PT stock is a great folder weight. Also, consider if uncoated, matte, or gloss coating suits your folder best. Your FORMost sales rep can help you make the call and share with you samples of different paper stocks.

7. Not Using a Template

While your folder design may be custom, the layout must be compatible with our dies for that particular size folder to get the best prices. Always start with one of our templates before you begin designing a folder. This will ensure that the size, bleeds, and trim area are accurate and will save time and money as your order is sent to production.


Call FORMost for pricing on presentation folders at 301-424-4242.

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