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Addicted to Your Smartphone? | Tech Promotional Products | DC, MD, VA

This weekend, while visiting my parents in the home I grew up in, I came across some boxes of my things from high school and college in the attic. There, among the Trigonometry notes and cassette singles was my very first Nokia, candy bar-style cell phone. This phone was a “less-than-smart” phone. It didn’t surf the Internet, or text, or map my directions using global positioning. It lived in a time before personal cell phones became the centers of our communication and for many of us, the centers of our world. Stumbling upon this phone reminded me how much has changed in such a short period of time and it made me curious about the actual statistics on smartphone usage.

After some research online, I learned some fascinating information about how we are using our smartphones, and how much. In a study sponsored by Facebook and conducted by IDC, a Massachusetts-based research firm focused on information technology, 7,446 U.S.-based iPhone and Android users between the ages of 18 and 44 were surveyed.

Check out these findings:

  • Within the first fifteen minutes of waking up, 79% of smartphone users look at their phones.
  • 62% of smartphone users immediately grab their phones after waking up.
  • 70% of smartphone users frequently visit Facebook — more than half of them check it every day. 
  • 78% of smartphone users check their email on their devices.
  • Smartphone users on average visit Facebook 13.8 times throughout the day, spending two minutes and 22 seconds on it during each visit.
  • The average daily time spent on Facebook is 32 minutes, 51 seconds.
  • The average daily time spent communicating on smartphones is 131 minutes, 43 seconds.
  • 48% use their smartphones at the gym.
  • 84% of respondents’ time is spent on phone communicating via text, email, social vs. only 16% on phone calls.

Yep, we’re hooked! How does your usage compare? Do you think Americans are overusing smartphones?

These findings support a trend in the promotional products industry towards tech-related items like smartphone accessories. With American consumers so attached to and even addicted to their smartphones, advertising on and around them is a sure bet for brand face time. I’ve shared five of my favorite smartphone accessories-of-the-moment below. Call FORMost for information and pricing on these tech-focused promotional products! 301-424-4242


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1. Cell Phone Stand keeps phone within easy view. Grips with performance gel.

2. Clean cell phones, computer screens, and glasses with this Microfiber Cloth.

3. Mini Auto Adapter lets you charge your smartphone using your car outlet.

4. Best selling iWallet’s 3M adhesive sticks to the back of smartphones eliminating the need to carry a separate wallet.

5. Gadget Grips Dot, a tactile dot that makes your home button easier to find and use.


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