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Back to School Marketing Ideas

Back to School Marketing Ideas

Need ways to promote back-to-school season? One has plenty of options!

Businesses are most successful when they aim to help their communities. Being relevant to the community means acknowledging and providing amenities according to its current needs. Whenever school time rolls around again, it’s time to start your back to school campaign and summer is the time to start planning. Check out these A+ back to school marketing ideas below!

Add Products to Your Store

If you offer retail, you could start your back to school marketing campaign by adding products to your physical or online store that students could use. For example, one could sell pens, notebooks, folders, bags, and other school supplies appropriate for your brand. Don’t forget to consider products for college students either. In addition, clothing stores can lean into the back to school reason for shopping; clothing is one of the top categories that students shop for.

Offer Discounts & Deals

You can also acknowledge this special time of year with a memorable discount or deal. Broadcast a store-wide discount, a week-long sale, a bundle deal, or a flash sale. Give out promo codes, or offer discounts or presales to loyal customers or those on your email list. Offering free shipping for a limited time is another good deal. Offering discounts and deals encourages more sales in a limited time.

Engage on Social Media

You can also commemorate back to school season through your company’s social media channels. Your social media and your email list are great venues for promoting back to school sales. They are also great for publishing related content, such as blogs on making back to school easier, how to have a great school year, and how your products or services can help students. 

Get Students Involved

Another primary way that businesses acknowledge back to school season is by offering discounts and deals to students themselves. One can offer coupons, discounts, bundles, and freebies along with the purchase of your products or services. You could even offer part-time jobs to students: it’s a win-win. You get the help you need and word-of-mouth exposure, while you help the students make extra cash and gain valuable work experience. At the end of the day, it’s all about how you can help students affordably get back to school in the best way possible.

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