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Best Tips for Designing a Logo

Best Tips for Designing a Logo

Designing a logo requires several elements wrapped up in simplicity.

Your logo is the first impression of your company that a prospective customer gets. No great company is without that first image of their brand and what they stand for. As you prepare the design of your business’s logo, you will need to consider several points to make a truly impactful impression. Below are the best tips for designing a logo.

1. Define Your Brand

“He who defines, wins.” Know exactly what your business stands for and what it has to offer. Who is the target audience? What encompasses the purpose of the company? What kind of personality does it have? What can your company do better than any other like it? What makes it unique? Defining your brand is defining the company’s identity. When someone sees your logo, they should immediately be able to tell what it stands for.

2. Stand Out from Competitors

It is tempting in the graphic design world to start using the same ideas repeatedly and form clichés. As you think about possible logo ideas, check up on the competition to see what already exists. How are their logos the same? How might yours be different from the rest? Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.

3. Color Communication

When designing a logo, color is just as important as the form itself. Colors communicate different emotions and can have cultural connotations as well, so be deliberate about what color(s) you choose. 

4. A Focus on Font

Along with color, the font of your text communicates a personality. Two broad categories for fonts are serif and sans serif. Serif fonts include the “serifs,” the little feet on the letters’ ends. Sans serif fonts do not have these feet. Two other font categories are script and display fonts. These make your text more of a focal point themselves rather than an image.

5. The Right Type of Logo

While color and font make up the details of a logo, There are seven main types of logos from which to choose for your template: lettermarks, wordmarks, pictorial marks, abstract logo marks, mascots, combination marks, and emblems. 

6. Simplicity

Keep it simple. With all the nuances and aspects that make up the perfect logo, less is more. When you can pinpoint your brand identity, you will be better able to minimalize it. 

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