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Business Cards Made of…Meat?

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. In the business world, first impressions are made with smiles, handshakes, and despite our increasingly digital business practices, a good old fashioned business card. While ink on paper is still the most common type of business card, notable networkers are getting more and more creative with the designs and substrates used for their business cards.

Want a card made of wood? Metal? Plastic? Have another idea that you want to bring to reality? Call FORMost at 301-424-4242 to speak with one of our Sales Consultants about your company’s business card vision.

Need inspiration or just some amusement? Check out these four non-traditional business cards:

1. Yoga Mat



bcs - yoga mat



2. Cheese grater

bc - cheese grater


Embedded image courtesy of Imgur, dogbombs.



3. Beef Jerky!

bc - meat

Source: via Scott on Pinterest


4. Seed Packet

bc - seed packet 1

bc - seed packet 2

Images courtesy of STRUCK.

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