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Six Different Types Of Direct Mail Formats For Your Business To Implement

Direct mail marketing is a primary way for businesses to connect with customers. Paper mail still has the potential to be just as effective as electronic messaging. A professionally designed approach can make a big difference in the effectiveness of your impact. You will come across these six direct mail formats when considering your business needs.


Understanding the different formats is critical.

Direct Mail Format: Traditional Packages

Traditional packages come with an array of materials in one envelope. They may include a greeting letter to the customer, a brochure of the company’s services, and a reply card. It is a collection of information encompassing one call to action. While these packages get a healthy response rate, they are also more costly to mail.

Direct Mail Format: Self-Mailers

Self-mailers have likely come to your door before. It may be a brochure or a small catalog closed by a round clear tape that one can easily break open. They are more cost-effective since they don’t require an envelope and can still pack a lot of information in a smaller space. Self-mailers can come in many creative forms, folding up in different ways.

Direct Mail Format: Envelope Mailers

Envelope mailers deliver offers that may contain sensitive information, such as a new credit card or a bank statement. If you need a printing company to send out envelope mailers, the company should design the envelope to protect the information inside it.

Direct Mail Format: Postcards

Postcards are ever-popular and get a higher response rate than many other formats. They are fantastic for communicating one specific message, as there is little space to put information. With an appealing design, they will catch the recipient’s eye whether or not he chooses to respond.


Catalogs take a lot of time and energy to produce, but a printing company like FORMost Graphic Communications can help. A catalog may be the best vehicle to spread the word if you have many products or services to offer your audience. People tend to keep these materials around for reading, making them more likely to leave an impression.  


FORMost Graphics also provides one of the newest direct mail formats: kitting. It is a package that combines information, a call to action, and promotional products. It’s like sending an assortment of gifts. FORMost has the expertise to help you choose the best items, the right audience, and the most cost-effective mailing services.

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