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Direct Mail Formats To Implement For The Holiday Season

ForMost-Graphics-Direct-MailDirect mail marketing is an essential way for businesses to establish a connection with their customers. Despite the increasing popularity of electronic messaging, paper mail still holds the potential to be just as effective. A professionally designed approach can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your impact. Here are some direct mail formats to consider when considering your business needs.

Traditional Packages

Typically, traditional packages consist of multiple materials enclosed in a single envelope. These materials may include a greeting letter to the customer, a brochure detailing the company’s services, and a reply card. It is a collection of information that aims to prompt the recipient to take a specific action. Although these packages generate a reasonable response rate, they are also more expensive to mail.


You may have received self-mailers at your doorstep before. They usually come in brochures or small catalogs sealed with round clear tape that can be easily broken open. Self-mailers are more cost-effective as they do not require an envelope and can still contain much information in a smaller space. They can be designed in various creative ways and folded up differently.

Envelope Mailers

Envelope mailers are used to deliver various offers, which may contain sensitive information like a new credit card or a bank statement. Suppose you require a printing company to send out envelope mailers. In that case, the company must design the envelope to ensure the protection of the information contained within.


Postcards are a popular choice for communication and have a higher response rate than other formats. They are ideal for conveying a single message as there is limited space to include information. With an attractive design, they are likely to grab the recipient’s attention, regardless of whether they choose to respond.


Creating catalogs can be time-consuming and energy-draining, but we can assist you. If you have a wide range of products or services to offer your audience, a catalog can be the most effective way to spread the word. These materials are often kept for future reference, making them more likely to leave a lasting impression.


FORMost Graphics offers a modern direct mail format called kitting. This package includes information, a call to action, and promotional products, making it similar to sending a collection of gifts. We have the necessary expertise to assist you in selecting the best items, identifying the appropriate audience, and utilizing the most cost-effective mailing services.

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