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Join our team! | Hurwitz Breast Cancer 5K


Next month, FORMost Gives Back will be participating in the Hurwitz Breast Cancer 5K Run/Walk on October 4th. We invite all of our clients and friends to join our team. (See sign-up details at the end of this post.)

pink ribbonThis cause is especially important us because within the immediate FORMost family, we have two breast cancer survivors. Every year, a group of us join together for the walk/run in Frederick, Maryland. It is always a lovely morning in October with a beautiful run or walk starting and ending at Baker Park. It is a great way to memorialize those we’ve lost and celebrate the survivors while spreading awareness and raising funds.

While the use of funds by many nonprofits has been criticized in recent years, the Hurwitz Breast Cancer Fund is an organization where your donation truly makes a difference in the greater Washington DC region. The dollars raised by the Fund aren’t just spent on marketing; they go to actual equipment that is used in the Frederick, Maryland medical community.

Here are just a few of the items purchased and services provided thanks to the Hurwitz Breast Cancer Fund:

  • A special breast coil was purchased for use with digital imaging of the breast.
  •  Two CAD Mammography Systems have been purchased to assist in the detection of breast cancer at an earlier stage; allowing for more successful outcomes.
  • Supported a Breast Cancer Symposium and other group events for patients.
  • Created a healing space for patients and families at the Women’s Center for Breast Care at FMH Crestwood.
  • Purchased a device that enables the surgeon and radiologist to examine biopsy tissue in the operating room; this makes biopsies easier on the patient and returns results more quickly.


If you are interested in joining our team, please sign up here and remember to choose the team called, “FORMost Gives Back.”

You can learn more about the organization here.


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