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4 No Frills Ways to Improve Your Business This Afternoon

Sometimes we make business far harder than it is. We over-think strategy and spend way too much time getting caught up in the daily minutiae. We shift our focus too often and fail to concentrate on what works. We invest our time and money in a ‘silver bullet’ method of acquiring new prospects, new leads, new business.

Sometimes we need a quick reminder of tried and true ways to grow. No frills. Nothing fancy.

Here are four tasks to put on your to-do list for this afternoon that will help you grow your business:

  • Contact two previous customers and ask how you can help them.
  • Request testimonials from two customers for use in your marketing materials.
  • Review your competitor’s ads and literature. Take note of what they do well and what they don’t do well.
  • Brainstorm special offers you might include in your direct marketing materials.

Once you have completed these tasks, take action! Follow through on your customers’ feedback. Post testimonials to your website or Facebook page. Put together a strategy on how you’ll outshine your competition in your next direct marketing piece.


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