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Life-Saving Hammer – Promotional Products, Rockville, MD

When I advise clients about choosing a promotional item, I tell them that it’s usually good to go with something useful over something trendy – something that the recipient will hold on to for a few years so that the brand’s exposure is maximized. My personal favorite happens to be the rubber-grip jar opener. It may sound like a cheap, insignificant item…until you are home alone with a stubborn jar of salsa! The point is, it’s useful and will probably get thrown in a kitchen drawer and used rather than thrown out.

Useful is great, but how about life-saving? Promotional products can be just that.

Last month, a Maryland woman survived a horrific accident when her vehicle was forced over the side of the Bay Bridge and plunged into the water. (Read the story here.) Thankfully, her window was smashed during the accident and she was able to escape and swim to the surface. But, this is not always the case. Often, the victim has only minutes to exit the vehicle before it fills with water. Pressure will prevent the doors from opening, so the windows must either be opened, or smashed. A sharp, pointed object like a screwdriver can be used to smash the window, but we actually have a solution that is custom made for this exact worst case scenario.

The “Life-Saving Hammer” from Bulletline has a double-sided metal head that will shatter car windows in an emergency. It also includes a built-in seat belt cutter. It can be custom branded and comes at an affordable price point. (As low as $2.39 each)

life saving hammer


This is a great giveaway for insurance companies, car dealerships, or auto body shops.

For tips on how to escape from a sinking car, check out this article from Slate.

Call FORMost at 301-424-4242 for information on this and other emergency preparedness products including emergency and first aid kits.



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