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Monday Blues: 5 Ways to Jump Start Your Week


Case of the Mondays? These five tips might help!




Prepare for Monday on Friday. It can be challenging to jump right back in to work on Monday morning that may have piled up the week before. Take care of more dreaded tasks on Friday afternoon so that you aren’t as overwhelmed on Monday morning. Be sure to take ten minutes at the end of the week to clean and reorganize your desk, update and review your calendar, and make a to-do list for the week ahead.

Make a List

Speaking of lists… on Sunday night, try making a list of things you are looking forward to in the week ahead. Maybe it’s a meeting to present a new idea to the event committee, or a lunch date with an old friend. The list will help you remain focused on the positive.


Don’t skip your workout on Sunday. Exercise is an anti-depressant and will also help you burn off some energy allowing you to get a good night’s sleep.


It can sometimes be tempting to check work email on the weekends and let your job seep into your precious time off. But, it’s important to disconnect on weekends to allow time to recharge your batteries after a stressful week. This will allow you to be even more productive when you return to work.


Taking a few moments to reconnect with your coworkers at the start of the week can be a good motivator. It can act as a nice transition from the more carefree and social weekend, to the down-to-business work week.


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