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What’s 18x Dirtier Than a Toilet? | Promotional Items Washington, DC

Your cell phone. That’s right, ew.

Our cell phones have become a breeding ground for bacteria. Think about it. We handle them all day, while we are cooking, working, shopping, handling cash, and even *cringe* using the bathroom. We wash our hands throughout the day, but how often do we really ‘wash’ our phones? To make matters worse, we collect all this bacteria throughout the day and then we store the phone in a warm dark place like our pocket or purse…the optimum environment for bacterial growth!

Last week, I listened to a story on WTOP Radio about the “PhoneSoap” which is what got me interested in this dirty topic to begin with. PhoneSoap is a small box that simultaneously charges your phone and exposes it to UV light that sanitizes the exterior. The UV light has a deadly effect on bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. The product retails for $59.95 and can be purchased here.

Since $59.95 is a nice chunk of change to spend on a phone sanitizer, I decided to put together a few less expensive promotional products that will help keep your phone clean and promote your company’s brand at the same time.



Sham-E (TM) – Super Absorbent Screen Cleaner As low as $2.25 ea.


bac wipes

Sanitizer Wipes with Keychain As low as $1.87 ea.

micro wipe

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth As low as $0.83 ea.


For more information on these promotional items, call FORMost at 301-424-4242 or visit our Promo Catalog here.




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