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Most Popular Promo Products for Fall

Most Popular Promo Products for Fall

Fall is here! Bring in the season with fun and practical promo products!

Autumn has arrived, and as the cool season progresses, there is no better time to utilize promotional products as employee gifts or giveaways. You might be wondering what the most popular promo products are for fall, in which case you have come to the right place! Here are seven of the most popular promo products for fall!

Fall-Themed Stress Relievers

One product that everyone can appreciate at the onset of the season is a stress reliever. Fall may or may not be a busy season for many, so sending out fun, fall-themed stress relievers could put a spark in someone’s day. A great example of this would be this Pumpkin Stress Reliever from FORMost Graphic Communications’ catalog.

Corporate Apparel

Apparel is also a popular choice for this season as people transition from the hot summer to chilly autumn. Sweatshirts, fleece jackets, beanies, and gloves are all popular options. Placing the logo on these items will help spread brand awareness in public circles.

Warm Beverages

Nothing quite heralds in the fall season like a warm beverage. Pumpkin spice or not, the gift of a warm drink with a cheerful mug to match can give employees, customers, and business partners a much-needed pick-me-up. 


Aside from seasonal luxuries, practical promo products for fall are always welcome. Thermoses are highly popular and naturally get the most use starting in autumn. Giving away a smart thermos or tumbler with your company logo on it will encourage brand awareness, loyalty, and of course hydration. 

Outdoor Folding Chairs

In fall 2021, events are becoming more frequent and full to their normal capacity. Outdoor activities are also popular in the fall, spring, and summer, in which case outdoor folding chairs are highly useful. Many companies put their logo on such folding chairs to make their brand stand out.

Picnic Blankets

Camping and picnicking are two popular autumn activities. FORMost Graphic Communications offers picnic blankets, fleece blankets, and stadium blankets to keep your recipients warm and proud of your company.

Totes, Backpacks, Etc.

One of the most practical promo products for fall of all is the backpack, tote, or any bag that is durable and stylish. Anyone can use a backpack when going on a short trip, going hiking, school, etc. A highly practical gift is sure to please.

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