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Office Supplies Your Small Business Needs

Office Supplies Your Small Business Needs

Small businesses can use office supplies from paperclips to ergonomic chairs. What’s your checklist?

Whether you’re outfitting a simple home office with day-to-day supplies or stocking a spacious office space for a team of employees, office supplies are a crucial part of getting down to business efficiently. The exact equipment you need to take care of a day’s work may vary from business to business, but there are plenty of office supplies that are central to the needs of any small company. So when it comes to stocking your small business with all the right office supplies, here are some of the items that you’ll want to consider putting on any office checklist.

Basic Supplies

There are some basic supplies that employees will need in just about any industry. These include notebooks, pens, and more. For any office space, you should consider stocking items like sticky notes, staplers, binder clips, highlighters, and tape. Standard paper items like binders, folders, and even paperclips are also a must. Plus, don’t forget the essential refill items that you don’t want to be caught without in a pinch! These include printer paper, printer ink, staples, and pencils.

Plenty of Storage

You’ll also need plenty of storage space for all your office supplies. These can be standalone cabinets, bookshelves, desk organizers, filing cabinets, and more! Be sure to outfit your office space with plenty of files, bins, and drawer dividers to help keep your office supplies organized during the day-to-day!

Office Technology

No matter the industry, no office can function without the proper technology. Be sure to evaluate the daily needs of your business when purchasing office technology, and consider essential items like laptops, printers, surge protectors, shredders, thumb drives, and external hard drives carefully. The right office technology can protect your business from data loss and other issues that can cause problems for productivity.


Not only should you consider office supplies as an essential part of office design, but it’s also critical to choose the right furniture to make sure that employees are comfortable. Comfortable office furniture helps boost employee morale and promote a healthy work environment. After all, working at a desk can cause various health issues, including chronic back and neck pains. Find the right chairs and desks to keep your employees happy and healthy. It’s also a good idea to consider furniture for communal areas like sofas, larger tables, whiteboards, and lounge seating to promote successful teamwork on larger group projects and make a good impression with visiting clients, customers, investors, and more.

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