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Performance Polos Made of…Coffee?

Yesterday, our sales reps met with one of our apparel suppliers, SanMar, to learn about the new and exciting items just released for Spring/Summer 2013. We saw some great stuff. Trendy and functional. Colorful and innovative. We’re excited to share more on those in our next post, but first we just had to share one of the coolest things we learned.

Our new PosiCharge Performance Polo by SanMar is partially made of…

Recycled coffee grounds! How neat!

Coffee contains deodorizing properties and the apparel innovators of the world have figured out a way to extract these properties and use them to make fabric that resists odors. This trait is perfect for performance fabrics, also known as moisture wicking, because the garments are so popular in the athletic market where sweat and odors go hand-in-hand. These fibers are also naturally fast-drying.


PosiCharge Performance Polo


We are really excited about this product and think it’s a great option for our more active, athletic clients. We do want to be clear, though, that just because of its odor-fighting properties, you should still wear deodorant with this shirt! And for anyone wondering, no, unfortunately it does not smell like coffee and it will not give you a caffeine buzz.

Did you know about these other unusual uses for coffee and coffee grounds?

  • Reduce cellulite
  • Get shiny hair
  • Exfoliate skin
  • Repel insects
  • Scrub dirty dishes
  • Fertilize plants
  • Grow mushrooms
  • Touch up furniture scratches



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