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Why Printed Business Stationery Is Important

Why Printed Business Stationery Is Important

Printed business stationery is a primary marketing tool for any business.

Business stationery is essential to an overall marketing strategy for any company in any sector. Regardless of how strong online and digital marketing has become, nothing can replace high-quality printed stationery like letterhead, envelopes, and business cards. So, why exactly is business stationery worth the investment? 

Why Should Your Company Have Printed Business Stationery? 

Establishes Your Brand and Creates a Cohesive Experience

Your logo and tagline are some of the most critical pieces for establishing your unique brand. As your company grows, it can be the first way someone interacts with your company—long before they get to speak with you or your team. So, once you have the perfect logo, tagline, and color scheme, you should promote it far and wide! While business stationery is just a piece of the puzzle, it can have a lasting impact. Whether you’re mailing out flyers and postcards to prospective customers or sending invoices to your clients, carefully designed and high-quality stationery should instantly give the impression that your company is reputable and detail-oriented. 

Great for Business Marketing 

While online marketing will always have a place in an overall promotion strategy, business stationery is a truly unique piece that allows you to promote brand awareness without being intrusive or too sales-aggressive. You can explore more creative options and expand on staple pieces like envelopes or letterhead. Branded sticky notes, lined notebooks, and pens can also fit into someone’s day-to-day experience, so they’ll think of you whenever they use them.  

Puts Your Best Foot Forward 

Since business stationery can be the first way prospective customers see your brand for the first time, creating a high-quality experience can make a lasting impression. Think of how you want your brand to be perceived—from a fun start-up company to a seriously established professional firm. All of this can influence the design and feel of your business stationery. 

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