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Your Guide to Decorating Apparel

It’s nice to have options, and these days, with choosing how to decorate your branded apparel, you have options that can help you to save money and look professional.

Head on over to our Promo Catalog and do a key word search for things like “t-shirts,” “jackets,” or “hats” to find the perfect garment. Then, read below to learn which method is the best fit for your next branded apparel project.

1. Embroidery – various colored threads are sewn into the garment by a machine controlled by a computer.

Good for: Apparel like polo shirts, button down shirts, hats, tote bags. Withstanding repeated washings. Professional look. Flexibility to change colors based on garment color or use.

Bad for: Thin garments. Shading and tiny details can be lost.

2. Screen Printing – liquid ink is pushed through a stencil then cured in an oven. Each color is printed separately with its own stencil.

Good for: 100% cotton or 50/50 blend apparel. Large orders with limited colors. Withstanding repeated washings. Cost savings.

Bad for: Not good on polyester. Small quantities are costly.

3. Heat Transfer – liquid ink is sprayed onto transfer paper by a computer controlled print head. Then, the design is applied, using heat, to the garment.

Good for: 100% polyester garments such as performance wear/moisture wicking material. Multicolor designs, short runs.

Bad for: Not as long lasting as other methods. Not as economical as other methods.

4. Digital Printing – liquid ink is sprayed by a computer controlled print head. Applies full range of colors in one step.

Good for: Single run piece and short runs. Full color printing.

Bad for: Polyester…only works on 100% cotton. Wear and tear – not as durable as screen printing.

FORMost can help you to find the perfect apparel and no matter the decoration method, we’ll make sure your company logo looks fantastic! Give us a call! 301-424-4242



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