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4 Tips for Selecting a Promotional Product

Regardless of age, socio-economic background, or gender…people love free stuff! There is no doubt that promotional products enhance the image of your company and build goodwill. But, how do you select the right product from the thousands of promotional products available? Here are four tips to consider when deciding on a promotional product for your company.

1. Useful: The more your promotional product is used, the more power your advertising message has. The best way to ensure your brand’s exposure is to choose something useful! A really great tote bag, a flash drive, an umbrella, a coffee thermos or tumbler – these items have a good chance of making it into your prospect’s daily routine because of their usefulness.

2. LastingEdible promotional products like candy and popcorn are a lot of fun and certainly enjoyed, but they work better as a complement to another, more lasting gift. If you are limited to one promotional item for a particular use, don’t choose something that the recipient will eat (and throw away the branded packaging). Select an item that will be around for a while so that your branding can go to work for you!

3. Visible: The goal is for your logo/brand to be seen, so it’s not a good idea to choose a promotional product that will be buried in a drawer. Choose something that will be used daily like a coffee mug or something that will find its home on the recipient’s desk like a business card holder.

4. Reflect Your Brand: Select something that shows your company’s personality. Are you a distinguished financial services firm? Perhaps you should hand out a leather portfolio. A funky, trendy clothing boutique? Maybe a custom branded iPhone case will do the trick.

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