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The Why, When, and How of Appreciation Marketing

“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.” – Thornton Wilder

No matter our industry, our clients are vitally important to us. They give us a reason to come to work every day. They become our partners, our teammates, and often our friends. They enrich our lives. Without them, we would be…unemployed. So, how often do we let them know they are important? How often do we thank them for their loyalty? Probably not often enough!

It’s easy to get caught up in the demands of our busy lifestyles and take things for granted. We all do at times, but it is important to remember that being grateful is something that can benefit us and those around us. In fact, studies show that expressing gratitude can boost mood, encourage greater levels of optimism, and even improve overall health. (Source: Psychology Today article)

Appreciation Marketing is a way of building and strengthening relationships with your clients through efforts that generate feelings of gratitude and thankfulness.


We must be effective in communicating to our customers that we care about them and appreciate them, otherwise they may feel indifferent and move on. People want to do business with people they like and people who they feel genuinely appreciate them.

WHEN to show appreciation

  • Special occasions – Birthdays, holidays, and special achievements are occasions when it is a good idea to let someone know you appreciate them.
  • When something goes wrong – Turn a mistake into an opportunity. After you’ve rectified the situation, give heartfelt thanks for your customer’s patience and understanding.
  • When the customer doesn’t place an order – Even if you don’t get the work, it’s a good idea to thank the client for giving you the opportunity.

HOW to show appreciation

  • Words – It sounds simple, but one of the most powerful ways you can show appreciation for your client is by actually saying, “Thank you!”
  • Gestures – Give him a call, send an email, or better yet, go old school and write a handwritten note.
  • Gifts – Give her a personalized item. Something engraved or embroidered and something she wouldn’t normally buy for herself that feels like a treat. (FORMost Promo Gift Catalog)

It helps to develop a system. Commit to writing three thank you notes per week, or sending out a thank you gift each quarter. Make gratitude a part of your routine and your life and you will be better for it!



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