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5 New Year Marketing Ideas

5 New Year Marketing Ideas

Start off your business’s new year with the following five marketing ideas.

The New Year is a time for fresh starts and new adventures. It is a time when businesses can renew their mission and connect with their customers. When such an important part of the year comes around, businesses and customers can encourage one another in the journey. Below are 5 New Year marketing ideas that can rally in good cheer for all.

1. Release a New Product or Service

As mentioned before, the New Year can be a time for new beginnings. It is the perfect time to reveal a new product or service that you have been preparing, something brand new for your customers at a time of renewal. Send out the news through social media, email, and/or direct marketing. With FORMost Graphic Communications, you can receive expert advice on your direct marketing campaign, not to mention their excellent printing and mailing services as well.

2. Enlighten Your Customers

The New Year is a time reminding people what is best for them. In some ways, your company may be able to help with what they need. Whatever your company does best, show the people that they can do better with your services or products. For example, you could send the message of resolving to give better promotional products through your marketing company’s services. Depending on how you deliver this message, it can be both entertaining and enlightening to your customer.

3. Host a Giveaway

In marketing, it is essential to encourage customer interaction with the business other than purchasing your services or products. Your relationship with your customers is more than just a financial transaction for sure. As people who support what you offer, they should have a chance to voice their customer pride, and have some fun. Host a giveaway or contest garnering customer entries, votes, and winnings.

4. Flash a Sale

The New Year can also be a time to advertise a sale in celebration. If you sell anything related to exercise or healthy eating, this is the prime time to let people live out their New Year resolutions. Another way to look at your sale is to allow your customers to treat themselves and celebrate a fresh start.

5. Collect Feedback

Your company may have many positives that you can share with people to make their lives better. However, the New Year is also a time to help your company improve. Send out a survey to customers, rewarding them with a free prize or coupon upon completion.

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