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Advertising on the Move

Many of us, especially those of us in the DC Metro area, log hundreds of miles each week just getting to and from work. Unfortunately, many of these miles are spent stuck in traffic. Stop and go. Inching forward only to slam on your brakes. It’s frustrating, inconvenient, and at times, maddening. And despite our efforts to entertain ourselves with satellite radio and cell phone conversations, it can be very boring.

As I’m idling along, I often find myself reading the bumper stickers and car magnets on the car in front of me. This usually proves to be a great source of entertainment and at times, inspiration. People love to express themselves with tattoos, and bumper stickers and car magnets are like car tattoos. They allow people to display their mantra, their politics, and their favorite hobbies. How many kids and pets they have, how they will be voting this election, how they like to spend their vacations at OBX. It’s all right there on the back of their ride and as the person following them, you don’t have much of a choice but to read about it.

For this reason ‘mobile advertising’ methods like bumper stickers and car magnets are an effective, budget friendly way to get your message out there. Here are four reasons why you should advertise your business or cause with bumper stickers or car magnets:

  • Inexpensive/budget friendly – Compared to other methods of advertising, bumper stickers and car magnets are by far more budget friendly. They have the potential to advertise to thousands of people a day, every day, for years for only cents, not dollars!
  • Reach a large audience – Bumper stickers and car magnets expose your company name, brand, or message to thousands of people each day. And that’s just on your daily commute!
  • Build brand awareness – The more potential customers view your company’s logo, slogan, or name, the more likely they are to seek out your product or service.
  • Longevity – Bumper stickers and car magnets are durable.  Usually made from tough vinyl or durable magnet material, they stand up to the elements and stay put on your car, sometimes for years! Ever try to remove a bumper sticker? Not such an easy task!

Call FORMost at 301-424-4242 and one of our Sales Consultants will help you to design and print the perfect piece of mobile advertising so that you can start building brand awareness on the beltway, highway, or parkway!


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