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E-Commerce Challenges 2021

E-Commerce Challenges 2021

Starting an e-commerce business in 2021 has its challenges, but with the right tactics, you can soar!

Not all businesses are brick-and-mortar ones. E-commerce businesses are lucrative yet challenging; when entering this form of enterprise, one should know that one is facing some key e-commerce challenges that can be overcome with smart strategies.


Analytics is a crucial part of measuring how successful your campaigns and sales are. Gathering the data itself is not difficult, but analyzing all of it can be difficult and require a learning curve. An appropriate marketing company can give you insights into your analytics or provide you with the data itself.


SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is a series of tactics that makes your site easier to find and drives traffic to your site. SEO is just as complex as analytics, having many facets such as negative, technical, on-page, and off-page SEO. The best place to start is having a foundational website that checks off all the boxes of basic search engine optimization. FORMost Graphic Communications can give you invaluable insights and services to guide you through the process.


If you have an e-commerce site, you probably have products listed on there you want to sell. And once you sell them, you probably need a way to manage inventory, store goods, and fulfill orders. With a fully running business with staff members, you will also need to get tax forms. FORMost takes the headache out of all these logistics. They offer warehouse and fulfillment services, tax forms and filing, and more. Just reach out and FORMost will be happy to help you!


One of the e-commerce challenges of 2021 is merely an aspect of business success in any era: business reputation. One might not face it exactly as a challenge, but as a standard that must be upheld. Being friendly, responsive, patient, and supportive of your customers speaks volumes. Without an attitude of service, your brand won’t float, no matter how good your services are.


“Content is king,” and Google rewards e-commerce sites that show that someone is at home. E-commerce sites need to continue to publish content on their site and social media pages to continue to show they are in business. Producing new products, services, sales, and announcements is also a good way to stay fresh.

Getting the Word Out

Marketing your e-commerce site doesn’t have to stay within the digital world. Talk with FORMost Graphic Communications about their experiential and direct mail marketing services!

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