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Choosing a Warehouse and Fulfillment Partner

How to Choose a Warehouse and Fulfillment Partner

Need a warehouse and fulfillment partner? Here’s how to choose the best one.

There may come a moment in your ecommerce career in which you realize, with both joy and slight terror, that you need an outside source to help you manage all those orders. It is a great achievement. Your next step, though, will be to find the best warehouse and fulfillment partner out there. To make sure you have a partner that is as dedicated to excellent service as you are, check out the following tips.

Your Warehouse and Fulfillment Needs

The best place to start is to know what your bare minimum warehouse and fulfillment needs are. Warehousing is the inventory management and storage of goods, while fulfillment is the packaging and shipping of orders. You will need a company that can expertly handle returns, lost packages, customer outreach, etc. Be bold and look at what else a prospective company has to offer. They may have additional services that can give well-rounded benefits to your business.


One can always improve their branding. Branding includes components like logo design, website design, and promotional materials. FORMost Graphic Communications offers ecommerce site design, logo design, and printing and marketing solutions. They are interested in working out what would be best for your company and its needs. They also offer pick and pack as well as kitting services for order and fulfillment.


Budgeting is essential when running a business astutely. It’s best to understand the price range for warehouse and fulfillment services so you can make a wiser decision. Look for hidden costs and don’t be afraid to ask for more details if you are confused about the quote.


Next, if you intend to sell to a particular region or country, knowing your warehouse and fulfillment partner is smack dab in the middle of the target region is ideal. If you want to sell internationally, inquire into whether they have an overseas location or if they have an alternative method.


Lastly, talk to your prospective warehouse and fulfillment partner and see how well you communicate and how easily you can reach them. Even better, visit their warehouse and fulfillment center. Good communication is vital for any business team.

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