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Kitting and Its Business Advantages

Kitting and Its Business Advantages

Can kitting help your ecommerce business? Here are its advantages.

The past few years and especially 2020 have been excellent years to begin an ecommerce store, and the trend is not likely to die out anytime soon. If you have an ecommerce store, you will need numerous services to get the product to the customer. You’ll need manufacturing, order fulfillment, packaging, shipping, tracking, and customer service. To save time, it’s best to work with a third party who can provide these warehouse and fulfillment needs. In particular, you might want to find one that offers kitting and its business advantages.

What Is Kitting?

Kitting is essential for the efficiency of any order fulfillment center. Suppose customers tend to order the same items together, or you offer a set of items. In that case, the warehouse can bundle these products together so that when an order comes in, the fulfillment team only has to put the pre-assembled items into one shipment instead of hunting for individual parts separately.

What Are Its Advantages?

Kitting has many advantages for your business and the warehouse team. First of all, it instantly makes order fulfillment more efficient. Grouping items together for easy access is a key organizational principle in any practice. With kitting, you can simplify your inventory management and reduce the number of SKUs to keep track of.

Secondly, efficiency pays off by reducing labor costs. Order fulfillment teams can save precious time and energy searching for parts individually. In reducing the number of steps to take, you also can get more accurate and seamless results. 

Better yet, packaging itself can improve because of the kitting process. Instead of worrying about getting the right items in place, you can focus on the quality of the packaging. Sets of items can get custom packaging with a snug and sturdy fit. This, in turn, can reduce the weight, size, and cost of your shipments!

The warehouse environment benefits from greater safety, since workers don’t need to move around as much to find the right products. Safety is the top priority! With items grouped together, you also free up much warehouse storage space, which can be turned into production space.

Lastly, kitting can give you an advantage in terms of marketing and sales. If you have extra inventory sitting around, you can kit them together and offer both for a discount. If you want to start a direct mail marketing campaign, the right company can help you design, print, kit, and ship your materials to the right audience.

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