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Promotional Products During COVID-19

Promotional Products During COVID-19

Need promotional product help? Here are a few ideas for these times.

The coronavirus many aspects of life on hold, but life continues to strive and thrive despite all adversities. To say that 2020 has been a challenge is an understatement for many; even so, businesses can still expect to gain and keep their audience with the help of promotional products.

Why Promotional Products?

Promotional products, or “promo” products, are nifty, useful items with the company logo and colors printed on them. In some cases, the product might even incorporate a mascot. Promo products are effective marketing tools because they are cost-effective and are useful for customers. They are like free gifts, and everyone loves those. When people use these items in public, your brand gets free exposure.

However, the question remains, “How can businesses use promotional products during COVID-19 and 2020 in general?” This method works now as it ever has; it all depends on sending the right type of gift to the right audience. 

Environmental Friendliness

People still care a lot about environmental friendliness. People implement it into their homes, their work, and daily lives. One kind of environmentally-friendly gift is the reusable tote bag, which is excellent for grocery shopping. If you curate a collection through sustainable methods, be sure to emphasize this in its presentation.


Well-being, both physical and mental, are critical points of care in this era. Businesses can implement promotional items like stress balls, mugs, lip balm, spa kits, and sunglasses in their marketing campaign. FORMost Graphic Communications has an entire line of products dedicated to healthcare.

Home Office 

Even though remote work is becoming more popular than ever and is likely to stay, remote workers also need office space, just within their home. Complete their home office with fun items like pens, highlighters, erasers, mousepads, and more.

Personal Protection

Health and safety is still a concern among Marylanders today. Businesses can send PPE packages to employees and customers alike to show that they care. FORMost has a complete line of PPE products for sale.

Care Package

One way to present promotional items is by kitting several into a care package. Like with PPE products, other items for office and well-being can also be packaged nicely together. For more information and advice, see what FORMost Graphic Communications can do for you.

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