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How to Promote Your Brand at a Winter Trade Show


How to Promote Your Brand at a Winter Trade Show

Trade shows are excellent opportunities to boost your marketing strategy by making connections and exhibiting your business.

Trade shows are excellent opportunities to boost your marketing strategy by making connections and exhibiting your business. As an exhibitor at a trade show, you have a unique opportunity for face time with potential clientele and other, related business. Plus, you can push your marketing strategy into your industry quickly, easily, and less expensively than most standard marketing methods. But there are some surefire ways to make the most of a trade show. Here are some ways to promote your brand at a winter trade show.

Draw People In

There are lots of ways to get attention at a trade show, but one of the most reliable ways to draw people to your booth or table is to use a multimedia presentation. People will be drawn in to watch a video or slideshow presentation, and it will keep them around to learn more about your business. Use a stand or rack to mount a flat screen television on or near your table, preferably at eye level, or near your brochures and other promotional materials. This will help draw peoples’ eyes to your logo, marketing, freebies, and business cards.

Stand Out from the Rest

Above all, you will want your trade show table to stand out from all the other present businesses. It’s important to make sure your tablecloth compliments your promotional materials, logo, and marketing display. Represent your company’s image without overwhelming the senses. You’ll want to create an appealing display using color, well planned and printed marketing, and eye-catching materials placed at eye-level to draw in passersby. You can add simple touches to set apart your business’s table design from the rest of a trade show. Try a table runner or unique backdrop to make sure your booth is unique and eye-catching.

Make the Most of Your Table

Since many tables used at trade shows are small, it’s important to make the most of the space you’re given. Try arranging your materials in a way that’s easy to see, with larger or taller items in the rear and flat or smaller items at the front. Giveaways are also a great way to make the most of your space, since they will encourage people to stick around and take promotional materials. Be sure to promote your table or booth on social media to draw as many potential customers as possible.

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