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Old School Marketing Ideas That Work

Old School Marketing Ideas That Work

Some marketing tactics are tried and true. Check out these classic marketing ideas!

Technology has given the modern world a multitude of options for businesses to make their voices heard throughout the world. Digital venues allow people to reach potential customers like never before. Even so, digital marketing isn’t the only way to get great results. Old school marketing ideas that have been around for decades are still tried, true, and popular today.

Personal Relationships

Nothing beats building great relationships with your customers and business partners. People are what make a company run, after all. Customers are far more likely to continue business with and recommend your company when they have formed a solid bond.

Word of Mouth

In turn, people have a much stronger trust in recommendations from people than from digital advertisements. Even a suggestion from a stranger is more powerful than a digital ad. Word of mouth marketing is not something a business can control, but it is something one can fuel with great service.


There is no better way to talk about your products or services than face-to-face. Talking with potential customers about a product or service allows for the most transparent and honest communication and connection. 

Trade Shows

One of the ways in which businesses can have face-to-face interactions with customers and other professionals is through trade shows. A trade show is an event where multiple companies in the same field come together and present their different services to each other and customers. It is a great way to see what others are doing and get your brand out there.

Direct Mail

Direct mail always beats emails, even though emails are one of the strongest digital marketing tools. Direct mail can take many forms, such as postcards, self-mailers, kits, and much more. Personalizing the messages and including free gifts makes it even more appealing. Combined with digital marketing, you have a branding powerhouse.

Promotional Products

Promotional products, like direct mail, also make a lasting impact on a customer’s mind. A promotional product typically has the company’s logo and name on it and is a tangible reminder of the brand. Promo products are great as freebies for customers and gifts for employees.

Discounts & Giveaways

Nothing makes people more likely to buy than giving people discounts and free items. Holiday and other special sales always bring out the buyers, especially if they are competitive. Everyone loves free gifts, too, so enjoying a free sample is sure to have a few returning customers.

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