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Paper 101: Types of Coated Paper | Washington, DC Printer

blog paperWhen preparing to print a piece, one of the main questions we ask our clients is, “What type of paper?” The answer to this question is often specified by the designer of the piece. It can also be chosen by you, the client, or, your sales consultant at FORMost is happy to provide her recommendation. Whichever the case, the paper will fall into one of two categories: coated or uncoated. While uncoated paper is often used for quick, less precise printing, coated papers offer an added vibrancy or “pop” to designs.

Coated papers are those that have been treated with latex, pigments and adhesives on one or both sides. The coating covers the cellulose fibers to create a better surface for uniform ink holdout. The result is a smoother finish that allows ink to sit on the surface resulting in a high quality print piece.


Type of Coating


Popular Uses


Shiny, glossy look and feel

Color printing, including: direct mail post cards, sell sheets, flyers, catalogs, brochures.


Subtle shine, smooth but without reflections. High readability, high image quality.

Magazines, booklets, brochures, catalogs.


Glare-free and easy-to-read. Lower cost than dull or gloss.

Type-heavy publications like manuals, catalogs, books, and annual reports.


Smooth, mirror-like gloss surface, often on only one side of the paper.

Event tickets, greeting cards, labels, book covers, cartons.


FORMost stocks thousands of paper samples and we’re happy to help you choose the right fit for your next project. Call us to talk paper at 301-424-4242.

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