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The Many Benefits of Catalogs

The Many Benefits of Catalogs

If you have an e-commerce store, the catalog could be your major marketing tool.

E-commerce may have a more than significant role in our daily lives through Amazon and other online retailers, but there is still something to be said about reviewing products via physical mail. Indeed, physical mail has a groundbreaking impact compared to TV ads or websites. Here are just a few reasons why catalogs are a huge marketing tool today.

Big Purchase Influencer

Catalogs in the mail turn out to be a big influencer when it comes to purchases. Customers respond to seeing products in physical catalogs much more than they do to an ad on a screen, even at an advantage of over 80%. The statistics show this major difference, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg for why they are worth investing in.

A Lasting Impact

Why do people enjoy flipping through a product magazine for an average of 15 and a half minutes? Scientifically, the human brain retains information better when it’s on a page rather than a digital screen. What you see before you leaves a more lasting impact emotionally and mentally. Plus, your customers will likely keep your magazine around for at least 20 days.

Standing Out

Another reason they make such an impact is before the world is currently flooded with digital messages. TV channels, social media, and email subscriptions flood our vision; a tangible message that still carries the same image-heavy content is a breath of fresh air. It can even lower one’s anxiety over receiving bills. “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.”

Convenience for Customers

There is also an inherent benefit that catalogs have over e-commerce stores. A person can peruse a website for half an hour, but he can’t come back to it anytime he wants without having to turn on his digital device and log in again. Physical catalogs let customers peruse at their own pace, weigh their decisions, and refer to it anytime they want.

Multi-faceted Traffic Driver

If you are starting to think it’s a battle between the physical and the digital, don’t be fooled. These two channels can work together to help spread the word of your products even further and drive in more sales. Companies can use a catalog to direct buyers to their website, social media, etc.

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