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Understanding The Different Types Of E-Commerce

Formost graphics e-commerceE-commerce is an online transaction that assists businesses with marketing and sales techniques and goals. Online purchasing has now become the norm and as a result, this form of commerce is becoming more prevalent. The following are some of the most frequent types of E-Commerce.

Business-to-Business E-Commerce

This type of commerce occurs when one company sells to another. These transactions usually include bulk pricing, high-quantity orders, or special orders that typical consumers would not need daily or every month. When both sides keep their end of the bargain, this commerce fosters long-term connections.

Business-to-Consumer E-Commerce

From the customer’s standpoint, this model is the most traditional type. The model is similar to what happens in a physical store but takes place on the Internet. Businesses sell things to customers directly through their websites. The internet is the marketplace, and the e-commerce store is a conduit between companies and online shoppers. Customers can also choose from a wide range of products when they shop online.

Customer-to-Customer E-Commerce

You may be asking how a consumer can sell a product to another consumer or what an example might be. Online marketplaces like Craigslist and eBay, for instance, are prominent examples of consumer-to-consumer commerce.

Consumer-to-Business E-Commerce

Consumers can provide a service to a company to expand their existing business through a reverse auction system. The consumer’s role would be to bid on particular projects, which allows them to bring value back to the company. The benefit of this is that businesses can reach broader audiences. For example, an influencer can charge a fee to a business to have their product featured in one of their videos.

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