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Four Examples Of Marketing Collateral For Your Commercial Business

for most graphics marketing collateral

Here are some examples of marketing collateral.

Marketing collateral is any tangible or digital object that informs current and future customers about a company’s products and services. Businesses now have more options than ever to use marketing collateral to turn first-time clients into loyal customers. The blog contains examples of marketing collateral you might use for your company.

Promotional Items

One of the intentions of marketing collateral is to increase brand recognition. One method for achieving this is distributing promotional materials to customers and employees. For example, clothing, mugs, electrical devices, stress balls, pencils, and other items can all be personalized with a company’s logo and colors for promotional giveaways.

Direct Mail

Even in today’s digital world, nothing rivals the power of good old-fashioned mail. Many individuals have forgotten the value of receiving actual and customized mail because of the volume of activity in the digital age, especially when considering emails. Direct mail can include sending advertising goods in kits or utilizing something as simple as a postcard.


A brochure is a simple way of providing consumers with further information about your company’s goods and services. Each panel covers a different topic relevant to your products and services. Brochures are often printed on paper, although they can also exist in digital form.

Business Cards

The significance of the business cards must also be considered. FORMost Graphic Communications will assist you in creating a business card that you may use for any professional networking events. These cards are an established marketing collateral and a traditional method for marketing your brand or company.

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