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4 Tips for Proper Envelope and Paper Storage | Washington, DC

Curling as an Olympic sport? Sure. Curled hair? Chic. Bicep curls? Impressive. Curled envelopes? Nothing but trouble…


Envelope and paper storage is very important. A curled form or a wrinkled envelope can cause huge headaches during processing including misfeeds in document handlers, folders, inserters and printers. These misfeeds equal losses in productivity and waste that can be quite costly to an organization.

Are you handling your envelope and paper storage correctly? Check out these tips on how to keep yours in optimum running condition:

  • Avoid storing envelopes or paper in humid conditions. Ideally these items should be in 30% to 50% humidity and temperatures of 65 to 75 degrees.
  • Wait to open the package of envelopes or paper until just before use.
  • Do not stack cartons of envelopes or paper more than four high to prevent damage.
  • Store envelopes and paper in original packaging to protect them from moisture.

If you are currently experiencing misfeeds and jams, call us at FORMost and we will help to investigate the cause so that you are back up and running.

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