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3 Ways Nonprofits Can Use Promotional Items | Washington, DC

For most nonprofits, raising money and generating awareness and support of the mission are the number one goals. Organizations use a variety of tools to achieve results including direct mail, outbound call centers, television/radio/print ads, and more. One other method, not to be forgotten, is the use of promotional products.

The three main ways nonprofits can use promotional items effectively are:

Creating brand awareness

Brand awareness is probably what most of us think of when we attempt to describe the purpose of a promotional product. When we use a pen, tote bag, coffee mug, or luggage tag that is branded with an organization’s logo, we are telling all those we encounter that we support the mission of the nonprofit. The more visible an organization’s logo, or brand is, the more people will recognize the brand, understand it, look it up, talk about it, and ultimately support it.

Opportunities to distribute these products to create brand awareness are plentiful. Many organizations choose to do so at events, trade shows, contests, promotions, and meetings.

Show appreciation and recognition

Without donors, volunteers, and sponsors, nonprofits would simply not exist. For this reason, it is vitally important to thank these generous people and organizations. Awards, plaques, medals, trophies and other quality gift items along with a thoughtful, hand-written thank you note go a long way. These awards and gifts can be given during the holiday season, after a particular milestone, or just because.

Generate revenue

Many nonprofits choose to sell branded goods online or at events in order to generate revenue for the organization while building brand awareness. Products like outerwear, shirts, tech accessories, office accessories, tote bags, and hats leave a positive impression and are kept longest by supporters.

Selling promotional products allows the organization to make money while building good will and brand recognition. If your nonprofit is interested in generating revenue this way, FORMost can help. Not only can we help you select and source just the right branded ad specialties, we can also set up and manage your online store – from maintaining your inventory to processing the credit card payments from online orders.

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