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Business Card Trends in 2021

Business Card Trends in 2021

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In 2021, the world has begun to see a resurgence of in-person interactions. Interacting face to face has always been the traditional way of doing business, but paired with online communications, one has options. Business cards are versatile in this way, perfect for exchanging information from hand to hand or for the mail. Business cards are by no means obsolete in 2021. Here are some of the greatest business card trends in 2021.

Plastic Business Cards

Did you know that plastic business cards exist? Some businesses have opted for this eye-catching new type of business card for a true wow factor. The plastic can be transparent, opaque, or solid. The letters and logo contrast with the brightness and transparency of the plastic.

Business Card Stamps

Another highly creative way to use a business card is to create a stamp out of it. A business card stamp comes with appropriately colored ink and can go onto any document you choose. It can be your letterhead, your signature, your envelopes, or actual business cards.


You might have seen business cards with background colors that form a gradient. This design has been around for a while, but is still ever popular in 2021. Gradients can color the background or your business card text. A gradient can add interest that a plain background can’t.

Colored Edges

Surprise your customers, clients, and business partners with a crisp and classic card with a snazzy edge. Colored edges add an unexpected pop of color that showcases your brand’s personality. Some colored edges can even be iridescent. 

Recycled Cardboard

Feeling eco-friendly? Recycled cardboard can be classy and fit with your branding that you are a nature-friendly company. The neutral, natural tone of the cardboard is a great background and texture for nature-themed companies. 

Clear, No-Nonsense Design

At the end of the day, people still are impressed by business cards that do their job: telling them exactly what your company is, who you are, and how they can reach you. The best business card, whether it has a unique or traditional look, communicates all pertinent information clearly.

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