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Fun Gifts for Employees in 2021

Fun Gifts for Employees in 2021

Lighten your employees’ day with any of these fun corporate gifts!

2021 continues to see challenges for employees and their employers as we navigate through these times. Some companies work in the office, and many others continue to work from home, for better or for worse. Despite whatever challenges we may face, it always helps to add a little encouragement now and then. One could even have some fun! If you are looking for fun gifts for employees in 2021, you have come to the right place.

Snacks & Drinks

Food and beverages are gifts that anyone will enjoy. They are practical and delicious! One can go simple or deluxe with snacks and drinks for employees. It can be as simple as a set of coasters with the company logo; it could be a cocktail kit, a popcorn box, or a meat and cheese charcuterie. See FORMost Graphic Communications’ catalog for specific ideas.

Coffee & Tea

You likely have some employees that are diehard coffee drinkers and others that are sophisticated tea connoisseurs. You can please both crews with coffee or tea as a token of your appreciation. FORMost offers tea and coffee as well as tea and coffee sets and drinkware.

Desk Items

Whether your employees work at home or in the office, they can always appreciate useful desk items. Pens, paperclips, staplers, and notepads are just a few of the items that help keep companies going. You could also go for a more exclusive gift such as a desk clock.


Time off the clock is just as important as time on the clock. Fun gifts for employees can include ones that promote relaxation, too! Spa kits like tea and infuser sets are one possibility, as well as the famous stress ball. FORMost Graphic Communications offers a variety of fun stress ball options, including key chains with push pop bubbles.

Fun n’ Games

Could you imagine your company’s logo on a game set? With FORMost Graphic Communications, it is possible! Fun gifts for employees can literally be for fun. FORMost has a wide range of creative game sets, including cards, dominoes, darts, fidget spinners, cornhole, and so much more.

Golf Items

If you and your employees enjoy going for a round of golf now and then, golf items make great gifts for employees. Golf items can include corporate apparel such as golf t-shirts and hats, golf towels, golf umbrellas, golf tees, golf balls, and canopy tents

Travel Gifts

Why stay at home when travel is waiting? Whether your employees travel near or far, they can be equipped with your gift of a travel bag, kit, water bottle, or can cooler. 

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