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Examples of Marketing Collateral

Examples of Marketing Collateral

Marketing collateral comes in many forms for different, specific purposes.

Marketing collateral is the materials, both physical and digital, that communicate to customers and potential customers about a company’s products and services. With the digital horizons enlarging, companies have more options than ever to leverage their rhetoric to turn average passersby into loyal customers. Below are some examples of marketing collateral one might use.

Awareness Marketing Collateral

Promotional Products

The point of some types of marketing collateral is to put a business’s brand in front of as many people as possible. Promotional products, which companies can hand out to people and gift to employees, are one way to do this. These items, complete with a logo a company’s colors, include apparel, mugs, gadgets, stress balls, pens, and the like.

Online Content

Online marketing content takes on many forms, from landing pages to informational videos. Written content includes blog posts to answer common questions, pillar pages, free eBooks, testimonials, company news, and much more. Most of these forms focus on an answer to a need rather than on why one should buy from a specific company.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is still just as valuable as digital content, if not more so. With high traffic in the digital world, many forget the meaningfulness of tangible, personalized mail. Direct mail could be as simple as a postcard or as complex as kitting promotional materials.

Business Card

One must not forget about the good old-fashioned business card. FORMost Graphic Communications can help you design a concise card for all your business interactions.

Consideration Marketing Collateral


For those deciding whether or not to use your services, a brochure is a simple way to let them know more about what you offer. Each panel contains information on a different topic that supports the whole. Brochures are often physical, but can also be digital.

White Papers

White papers are technical, long-form articles on a particular subject. It offers in-depth information on a subject you and your customers care about, helping you to help them. The focus is not on you selling them something, but rather on studying a subject and reaching a conclusion on which you can work together.

Case Studies

Case studies show how your methods successfully met someone’s need in a particular area. They could be considered “success stories,” but are also informative on a subject.


Catalogs are fantastic for showcasing products that potential customers might enjoy. You can achieve the best ROI by targeting those who have interacted with your company online.

Marketing Collateral for Members

Reports & Newsletters

Loyal customers and their companies should keep in touch. While company news blogs can help, newsletters and reports are more in-depth. FORMost can help you decide which to use.

Customer Magazines

As a partner in the industry, customers can keep up to date with an industry magazine. Unlike a report or newsletter, this form is the most detailed version of industry news a company can provide.

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