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Goals of an Experiential Marketing Campaign

Goals of an Experiential Marketing Campaign

Experiential marketing is a highly creative venture that achieves several goals.

Experiential marketing is a type of event marketing that creates a memorable experience for potential customers. This experience is a way to engage with the target audience like no other way, requiring active participation with the brand. It can change perceptions of a brand, build brand awareness, or introduce new products. Below are a few goals to meet when planning an experiential marketing campaign. 

Build Relationships

One main goal of an experiential marketing campaign is to build relationships with the target audience. One could appeal to the emotions, but that is only one part of the picture. Relationships create a real bond between a company and its customers, forming a tie that is more likely to last when it is positive. 

Engage All Five Senses

Studies show that physical mail sticks in the brain longer than a digital message will. There is something about the tangible nature of the physical that makes a longer-lasting impression. With experiential marketing, one can use any or all of the five senses to communicate. Smell, sight, taste, hearing, and touch are all at one’s disposal in experiential marketing. For example, a company could utilize one or more senses to let people sample their product. Another way is to invite people to participate in an activity to claim promotional prizes.

Utilize Mobile Technology

One can also create virtual experiences instead. With the vast possibilities today, one can create experiences online that are interactive and memorable. Participants can record and share their experience, perhaps taking photos of their engagement on the site. Similarly, one can create a video game-like scenario. Some have begun to embrace the possibilities of augmented reality, too. The possibilities are wide-ranging. 

Spread Brand Awareness

Lastly, the goals of an experiential marketing campaign would not be complete without this one: spreading brand awareness. The best campaign will have a crystal clear message to a focused audience, and that message is ultimately to encourage customers to purchase products or services. Additionally, the campaign encourages a long-term relationship with the brand and more ambassadors of that brand. FORMost Graphic Communications can help you dream up and activate a one-of-a-kind experiential marketing campaign for your business!

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