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Marketing Tips Amid the Coronavirus

Marketing Tips Amid the Coronavirus
How can businesses stay strong during this time? Below are several tips to keep thriving.

One of the biggest concerns Americans have over the lockdown of the country due to the novel coronavirus is how the economy will fare. While the government is making efforts to get businesses open and running again as soon as possible, marketers have been working hard to cope with the difficult circumstances. Below are some marketing tips that companies have adopted so far that can benefit your business.

Shift Your Message

Countless products and services cater to people having a good time in social gatherings large and small. Even if your company does not, it is crucial to be sensitive to the times and speak to your audience with context in mind. Encouragements to stay home and to keep safe and healthy communicate your company’s sense of awareness also.

Associate Your Brand with Good

Your company may have a platform to do good for the community in these hard times. How are you using your resources to help those in need of your services? Some companies are offering services or products for free or for a discounted price. For example, Geico offered a 15% discount on car insurance, since people are on the roads less frequently now.

Drive Online Sales

Meanwhile, it is good to track how people are shopping now in real time. The trend appears to be that more people are indeed shopping online rather than in stores. Take your marketing strategy to where the people are.

Focus on Strengths

Your company’s products and services should not become obsolete during this time of social distancing if you can help it. Companies are cutting down budgets, working hours, and staff. However, to keep going strong, it is important to communicate to your community what your strengths are. If you can serve people’s entertainment, online shopping, or healthcare needs, to name a few, push that message forward.

Think Long-Term

Remember that the troubled time will not last forever. As the storm passes over, businesses should also consider how they will operate long-term. A typical marketing strategy may not be the same afterward, and as of yet, people are not sure how long the consequences of the virus will last. With these sober factors in mind, plan for both the short-term and the long-term. 

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