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Promo Products for Back-to-Office Parties

Promo Products for Back-to-Office Parties

Hosting a company event outdoors? FORMost has got you covered.

Offices are opening back up again this summer 2021! As Marylanders begin to meet and greet each other again, long-separated colleagues need a great way to start off working in person again. That’s right; your company needs a back-to-office party. Don’t fret; it doesn’t have to be indoors. You can enjoy the summer sun and spread the word of your brand through these promo products for back-to-office parties.

Outdoor Folding Chairs

For many months, many people have enjoyed each other’s company through outdoor gatherings. Naturally, people need a comfortable place to sit. Give yourselves and your team comfortable and portable captain’s chairs with a carry bag, available in FORMost Graphic Communications’ online store. With your logo on it, this quality product will impress all the more.

Outdoor Tent Kit

Anyone who spends even several minutes under the sun at an outdoor event will understand how unbearable it can get. Shade is often a necessity for withstanding the hot summer sun. For outdoor events, companies can provide the shade by setting up their own tents. Portable tents with the company logo, name, and color are standard for providing more shade to a large group. See FORMost’s tent kit here.

Sweet Shades

Any outdoor activity requires protective gear against the bright summer sun. One nifty way to encourage healthy eyesight and relief from the sun is to hand out company shades. FORMost Graphic Communications offers a myriad of sunglasses that come in different colors and styles, and can have your logo and company name on it.

Foldable Picnic Blanket

Imagine having a picnic by the lake. It’s a pleasant afternoon under some large shade trees. Where do you find yourself? On a one-of-a-kind, foldable picnic blanket, enjoying lunch with your coworkers, friends, or family. Not only is it comfortable, but it’s waterproof too!


Promo products for back-to-office parties include the all-important cup, mug, or thermos. For outdoor parties with the office, your employees might appreciate having their own stainless steel thermos to keep their icy beverages cool.

The Classic Cap

Sunglasses shield the eyes and tents cover the head temporarily, but a hat can save you from heatstroke on any occasion. The classic baseball cap comes to the rescue to provide much-needed protection. For the best quality cap, contact FORMost Graphic Communications!

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