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Promotional Apparel 2020 Tips

Promotional Apparel 2020 Tips

Companies can wield the advantages of promotional apparel with FORMost Graphic Communications!

2020 brings to mind a vast array of memories, both for oneself and the globe. This year, companies have pulled out all the stops and exercised their creativity and resourcefulness to the max. Due to this period in history, businesses of all sorts have sought company PPE and new and flexible marketing solutions. FORMost Graphic Communications has been providing these items and services both nationally and internationally and continues to do so with promotional apparel. If your company needs a new way to hustle, check out these promotional apparel 2020 tips.

Customer Relationships and Morale

This year’s pandemic has caused unrivaled fears concerning physical human contact. Staying at home and working remotely have risen dramatically, and the latter is likely here to stay. While the country remains cautious, customers long to stay connected with their favorite brands, and employees sometimes wish for a morale boost. 

Companies can maintain their relationships with loyal fans by offering comfortable, trending apparel. For employees, sharing one identity through company apparel can help boost togetherness, whether remotely or in-person. Promotional apparel plays a significant role in business image and bonding, which is why it is so important for companies to stay up to date on apparel trends. 

Casual Is In

These days, formalwear is out, and causal-dress is in. Certainly, it helps to keep up morale by dressing nicely, but promotional apparel manufacturers today have been able to fuse both brand image and comfort into one functional style. Comfortable, durable T-shirts with screen-printed logos and designs are in, as well as accessories like jackets, hoodies, and even socks.

Retro and Green Are In

As people are staying close to home, corporate apparel is appealing more toward one’s personal clothing style. What they like is a reflection of who they are, and promotional apparel can jump onto this bandwagon to create the most trending products. Retro is in for 2020, Tie-Dye being one excellent example of this. Environmentally-friendly products are also a huge selling point for younger generations. Including the story of the production makes it even better.

Comfort Is In

While some companies can allow most of their staff to work from home, looking sharp is still a priority for others at the storefront. Promotional apparel manufacturers have created career wear that blends professionalism with comfort for both men and women. The idea that formalwear is stiff is becoming a notion of the past. 

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