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Should Your Business Send Christmas Cards?

Should Your Business Send Christmas Cards?

Corporate Christmas cards have multiple benefits for businesses.

Christmas and New Year’s Day are coming soon. It’s the season of gift-giving, celebrating, and, of course, greeting cards. Some businesses are in the business of sending their customers cards for the season. Is this something your business should consider? Below, we’ll look at the following ways in which corporate Christmas cards really do make a difference.

The Impact of Direct Mail

Corporate Christmas cards technically fall into the category of direct mail marketing. Sending holiday greeting cards is one way that businesses can communicate with their customers in a tangible way. Using physical products to reach people has an impact more profound than digital marketing means. Even though emails have a higher rate of readership than a social media post, physical mail garners greater attention. People love to get mail, especially when it has their name and address on it. As a subset of direct mail marketing, physical Christmas cards have all the advantages that other direct mail does.

The Impact of a Christmas Card

In the holiday season, people have higher expectations for what kind of mail they might receive. An apt design and message can make your business shine. At this time of year, businesses have every reason to reconnect with customers present and past and remember them. FORMost Graphic Communications can help you design, print, and send your greeting cards in a timely fashion.

The Impact of Gratitude

One concern that businesses may have in sending Christmas cards is whether they will be insensitive to send a “Christmas” card rather than one that is more general to acknowledge others’ beliefs. In this day and age, the worry is real. If you are anxious about this, you may opt to send a “Happy Holidays” card instead. However, the choice is up to you. 

Another concern with corporate Christmas cards is that they may come off as trying to get another sale. If that is your motive, it may very well come through. The best method is to expect nothing in return. If your act is one of appreciation and goodwill for your customers, you will likely strengthen relationships rather than break them. 

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