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Three Helpful Benefits Of Print Marketing For Your Business


Here are some helpful benefits of print marketing.

Print marketing is a form of marketing that is still in demand and will always be relevant. Believe it or not, it is critical to your company’s success. Here are three print marketing advantages for your company to make the most of.

Increased Information Retention

Many studies have demonstrated that reading on paper retains information better than reading on a digital screen. People who see a website will typically scan the page in a matter of seconds; however, people who read a printed advertisement, even a business card, will take it in more slowly and with a greater recall rate.

Increased Consumer Trust

Advertisements are far more trustworthy to your audience than pop-up ads on the Internet. Research shows that nearly 80 percent of American homes scan print ads, with almost half visiting the company’s website, and almost 40 percent of those people try out the company’s services for the first time.

Stand Out Among The Competition

Many have speculated that the end of print was imminent due to the dominance of digital communication via the Internet. While having a presence in the digital realm is essential for many businesses today, it has made the print marketing field less crowded. It is the ideal time to make a statement while the competition is minimal.

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