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Four Basic Tips for Selecting Fonts For Your Graphics Needs

When creating a graphic design, it would behoove you to choose fonts wisely. Fonts say so much about your business, your objective, website, and even your brand. They are essential for several reasons. When combined with other contents and colors, they attract readers’ attention.

Formost Graphic Communications Fonts

Fonts play a crucial role in the visual appearance of any logo or brand.

They can also hold the attention of your specific audience, and they can also invoke different emotions. When paying attention to font details, you can also distinguish if certain information within a text is more relevant than other parts. Fonts play a huge role in developing the identity of your particular graphic or image. 

Keep the following pointers in your memory when considering fonts for your next project. 

Remember the Occasion 

Choosing a font is like getting dressed for the day. Just as you would dress differently to go to a football game than to attend a wedding, your font choice should reflect your content. Each font has a distinct personality, and it’s up to you to decide if that personality fits the occasion.

If you are designing a party flyer, you can get more creative. If you are doing a business-related project, you might choose a conservative font.  

Readability Is Essential 

Fonts can be fun, edgy, decorative, or eye-catching and make for an impressive logo. However, remember that their purpose is to serve as the displayed text. It should make the words easy to read. It should never overpower and deviate away from whatever your text might be.

If you select a font that captivates viewers, you’re material will be more likely to keep their attention so they can thoroughly review your information. 

Be Mindful of Clashing Fonts

Avoid using two fonts from the same family in the same piece. It’s hard for similar fonts to coexist without viewers being confused. However, you should be bold and choose different fonts by pairing a modern font with a more old-fashioned one. This technique provides the viewer with a more visually pleasing graphic. 

While you can use clashing fonts, it is best to focus on the details. For subtle documents, fonts should come from the same family. The higher the contrast, the more likely the fonts are to clash. 

Use Display Fonts Sporadically

Display typefaces come from a vast collection of fonts. They are also typically used for headings and headers. They also can be a way to add a unique personality to your piece. Remember to use these sparingly and combine them with basic ‘body typefaces.’ In other words, you should not use typefaces all the time. 

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