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How To Determine The Right Printing Options For Your Project

It is safe to say that printing techniques have become more sophisticated since the invention of the original printing press. When considering your options, you should consider three critical things: the dimensions of the paper, the coating, and the overall shade and brightness.

Formost Graphic Communications Printing Options

Read this guide for the best printing options available.

You can use many tips to ensure the quality of your work. Using photo paper makes a big difference in quality. Matte photo paper doesn’t have a shine and provides you with an old-fashioned print style. Implementing the usage of heavier paper is also helpful. Use heavier paper if you have a colorful picture using an inkjet printer.

For more assistance on how to figure out what choices are the right fit for your job, continue reading more on our best options available for your printing needs.

Digital Printing

  • One of the more efficient options available. You can achieve full color with a wide selection of designs. Color matching time is limited for quick delivery.
  • It is also cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Using an inkjet printer can streamline the workflow of digital printing.
  • This style is used for postage, signage, newsletters, menus, and letters.

Offset Lithography

  • An aluminum printing plate contains the image or content that is the focal point. The selected picture and surrounding areas are on the same plane during the procedure.
  • In lamens terms, the surface you print on is entirely flat.
  • This method works best for larger volumes of projects.

Screen Printing

  • Has been around for over 100 years. Screen printing works on materials like fabrics, wood, and glass.
  • During this process, ink goes through openings onto whatever material you use.
  • This method is ideal for creating posters, fabric banners, and adding logos and other graphics onto clothes.
  • This particular method is most efficient at printing items in bulk. More impressively, you can use screen printing on metal-like objects.


  • They are often used for packaging and labels. Flexography aids in publishing anything with a pattern like wrapping paper or wallpaper.
  • This style is a more modernized version of letterpress printing and is for uneven surfaces.
  • It is quick-drying and works best for jobs with a high amount of volume.

Large Format

  • The large printing format is responsible for producing maximum printing width.
  • This style is perfect for businesses that want to make an impression on their customers.
  • Use the large-format type to build any billboards, banners, or murals.
  • This particular style also provides users with a more extensive work area.

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