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What’s Your Incentive? | Rockville, MD Printer

All effective direct marketing campaigns include a strong call to action. The call can range from asking the recipient to visit a website, make a phone call, donate money, subscribe to a newsletter, etc. If recipients don’t have an immediate need for the product or service, they may needs something else to coax them along. This is where incentives come in. The incentive is a powerful thing for marketers because it gets the recipient to engage.

Incentive Categories


Competitions can entice your audience to take action in hopes of winning a prize. Perhaps you are giving away an Amazon gift card to the first person to correctly answer a trivia question. Or, you may be offering a free gift to the first 50 respondents to an email campaign. Competitions can also act as a method of gathering data on customers which paves the way for future direct marketing efforts.

Points Programs

Points programs are a way to reward customers for their loyalty. Given all their options, they’ll be more likely to go with the option that pays them back. This can be as simple as stamping a card each time a customer purchase a smoothie and giving away the tenth one for free.

Free Trials

Free trials are a great way let your customers ‘test drive’ the product or service before committing to buying it. This is great for customers because everyone loves to try something out before purchasing it, and it’s good for marketers because once the customer has the product in her hands she is unlikely to give it up.

Referral Rewards

By motivating and incentivizing your current customers to refer others to you, you can both strengthen your existing bond with your customer and open new doors. Referrals from existing clients give your company instant credibility.


Events raise brand awareness and show your customers that you are willing to engage with them. They can be product launches, grand openings, award ceremonies, even fashion shows. When you create a welcoming environment for your customers with food, drinks, entertainment, and swag bags , you have a captive audience. What better way to incentivize people than with a party!


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