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3 Types of Mobile Marketing

This weekend, when dining out with friends, the hostess asked for a cell phone number so that she could alert us by text when our table would be ready. Brilliant! Now, not only do we avoid risking Norovirus from clutching that germ infested pager for thirty minutes, the restaurant has opened up a whole new type of advertising communication – Mobile Marketing. They now have a low cost, accurate, and often preferred way to communicate with patrons. Whether it’s to let them know about a band playing at the bar next Tuesday night, or to tell them about the Restaurant Week special, they’ve got the digits!

The Mobile Marketing Association defines Mobile Marketing as “a set of practices that enables organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network.”

It is no secret that people are glued to their phones these days and as marketers, if we don’t start reaching them on that media, we’re missing out. Some methods of Mobile Marketing stand alone. Some, like QR Codes, combine print (direct mail, posters, brochures, business cards) with Mobile Marketing. 

Here are three types of Mobile Marketing you can consider for your business:


1.  Text Messaging

Advertisers can use this low cost option to send relevant marketing messages in text form. Things like appointment reminders, advertising a new product, and delivery confirmations work well.

2.  QR Codes

By scanning the code with their mobile device, customers are taken directly to your online content. No typing in a URL, just simply hold your scanner over the patterned, black-and-white icon and away you go.

3.  Mobile Apps

These special widgets are displayed on the customers’ home screens allowing them to directly log in to access information, make appointments, purchase products, or record information.


How can FORMost help? Have us print a QR code on your invoices, or next direct mail piece. Challenge us to develop a mobile application for your upcoming tradeshow. Call us today to get started generating activity with Mobile Marketing!



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