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5 Types of Printing Techniques

5 Types of Printing Techniques

Printing styles have evolved over the years, and this process continues as we develop digital replacements for many old-school techniques.

Many different printing techniques are available today, depending on the material you’re printing on and what you’re trying to create. Printing styles have evolved over the years, and this process continues as we develop digital replacements for many old-school techniques. In some cases, however, the old techniques remain the standard or come back into style as small independent artisans re-popularize them. Read on to learn about five different printing techniques and how they’re used.

Digital Printing

When it comes to popular printing types, digital printing is certainly near the top, for a good reason. These days, everything is digital, from our marketing to our money. Digital printing is a popular printing technique used for paper printing, especially signage, labels, menus, and similar items. Digital printing offers a quick turn-around time on your products, making it an ideal option for when you need to print on demand. Both inkjet and laser printing are examples of digital printing.

Offset Lithography

This printing process is most often used for cloth or canvas and other rough surfaces (popular with promotional products like bags), but it can also be used on paper. The process uses metal printing plates with an image transferred to rollers and then to the media. This process is popular for high-volume production situations since it produces consistent, beautiful images over many prints.

Large Format

Large format printing is what you need if your printing needs include large signage, like billboards, building wraps, murals, or floor graphics. This type of specialty printing requires special equipment to accommodate the size but usually uses one or more of the other processes.

Screen Printing

Screen printing uses a mesh screen and pushes ink through it in layers to create an image on the medium. It is most often used for apparel, but it is best for bulk runs because of the intensity of the setup process. While it’s typically used for clothing, screen printing can also be applied to paper and metal base media. Screen printing is not a good process if you only make one or two of something. 

3D Printing

3D printing creates a 3D object out of filament. It’s a great way to create unique and memorable items to promote your brand, especially when not printing items in bulk.

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