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Closer Look: Autoclave Biohazard Bags | DC, MD, VA

Just like Sears in the nineties, we are asking our clients and friends to come see the other side of FORMost. To look beyond what comes to mind when you think, “FORMost,” and learn how we might be able to help your Manufacturing, Quality Control, or R&D Departments all while maintaining your brand. In an effort to spread the word, we’ll be posting a series of blogs categorized as “Closer Look.”

For our first Closer Look post, we introduce a truly unique product that we provide to many of our biomedical clients in the I-270 Research Corridor and beyond: autoclave biohazard bags.biohazard

Now, if you don’t generate infectious hazardous waste, this post is probably isn’t for you. : )

But, if you’re one of the many biomedical companies in the world, a number of them right here in the DC-area working to develop vaccines and cure illnesses, read on.

FORMost is a custom distributor of flexible packaging for high temperature resistance, medical pouch sealant films, breather bags, specimen bags, and autoclave biohazard bags.

Made in the USA, our autoclave biohazard bags have the biohazard symbol printed on them as well as usage instructions as required by OSHA for proper handling and personnel safety. They are the only bags that meet the stringent requirement of 480 grams for autoclavable polypropylene and are recognized as superior. Our pricing is extremely competitive with major laboratory distributors and our products have been specifically engineered for use in critical Level 3 and 4 containment research labs.

FORMost’s autoclavable biohazard bags are available in the following strengths:

  • High Density Polyethylene; autoclavable to 250°F (121°C); meets Impact and Tear Strength requirements for 48 States (excepting Florida and Pennsylvania.) These bags are commonly used for reusable items, i.e. animal cages and other equipment.
  • SUPROP® Polypropylene; autoclavable to 285°F (141°C); meets Impact & Tear Strength requirements for 48 States (excepting Florida and Pennsylvania.)
  • SUPROP® Hi-strength Polypropylene; autoclavable to 275°F (135°C); meets Impact and Tear Strength requirements for ALL 50 United States. Additionally, this product group meets Federal DOT regulations for interstate transport of regulated waste.

If your lab purchases autoclave biohazard bags, call FORMost for a free estimate on our competitively priced, quality bags. References and samples available upon request.

Toll Free 800-777-4242

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