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Direct Mail Trends for 2020

Direct Mail Trends for 2020

Direct mail marketing in making a comeback in 2020 in more ways than one.

The year 2020 is looking bright for direct mail marketing. Trends for 2020 show the newfound and tried-and-true worth of physical mail. Customers and marketers alike can look forward to enjoyable and beneficial times, along with some new challenges. Below are the four main direct mail trends for the year.

Direct and Internet Marketing

Although many have believed that the Internet has taken over all commercial enterprises with online shopping and communication, direct mail is making a comeback. People are seeing the value of tangible messages and recognize that words on paper stay in the mind more readily than those on a screen. While the mailboxes have become desolate, more companies are initiating a campaign to reach out to customers through them again. However, direct mail will not be the only communication channel, but rather, it will be one of many that encompass the story and message that marketers want to convey.


Another trend for 2020 includes making direct mail more personal. Businesses will have honed a greater ability to communicate relevant messages to different target audiences. They may also want to print customers’ names on their own mail to give it a more personal touch. The ability to communicate with customers more effectively is a huge gain.

Tighter Reins on Privacy

However, the increase in personalization means a need for having tighter reins on customers’ private information. Businesses will have to handle more data than they already do, which will require more work and more security measures. They need to utilize a company that can help to both print and secure their data. FORMost Graphic Communications is able to keep your data secure, design, print, house, and mail your marketing materials, and also produce promotional products and tax forms for your business.

More Customer Engagement

With more specific means of communication through a balance of direct and Internet mail, 2020 can expect to see a continued growth in customer engagement. Businesses are not merely made up of a transaction between services and financial gains, but rather, they are made of relationships. Direct mail will take on creative properties to let customers engage in promotional, educational, and other content that let them have a voice. 

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